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Sunday Times Summer Camps Special – 8th May 2016

Four-page special commissioned by The Sunday Times Ireland as a headline article for “Sunday” lifestyle supplement:

“The prospect of a long summer trying to entertain bored kids fills most parents with dread. After the initial novelty of school-free weekdays wears off, children’s natural restlessness kicks in. Any classroom-style routine can be hard to implement on your own, especially for parents of youngsters whose closest friends have headed overseas for the summer break. The temptation to stick a tablet in their paws and leave them to it is high. Thank goodness, then, for summer camps…”

Full article on the Sunday Times website “here” 

Sunday Times This Is How I Am Feature – 1st May 2016

Interview with Irish musician Caoimhin Ó Raghallaigh, commissioned by The Sunday Times Ireland, for the “Sunday” lifestyle supplement’s weekly “This Is How I Am” feature:

“I wake up in the morning by hitting the snooze button 20 or 30 times. At the moment my room is total chaos because we’re in the middle of redoing the house. I try to keep things orderly and tidy but eventually it just explodes into disaster. It’s clutter followed by a spring-clean, that’s the cycle. I usually dress the same way I did the day before, until that’s no longer viable.

 “I get motivated through experiencing what other people have made, such as visual art, or through reading, or getting outside and walking in the mountains, having that space. I create by taking a blank chunk of time and experimenting; improvising and seeing what comes out…

Full article on the Sunday Times website "here"

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