2nd Space by Om Diva - Website Creation + Curation

Originally published 20th March, 2016

When I first discovered the premise behind 2nd Space - the sister shop to Drury Street's not-so-hidden gem, Om Diva - some time before its colourful launch, to say that I was eagerly anticipating its arrival on Upper Stephen's Street would be quite the understatement. Creative Quarter entrepreneur Ruth Ní Loinsigh has played a considerable part in aiding the continual evolution of Dublin's fashion industry. This couldn't be further evidenced by her unfailing support for young design talents, her innate ability to procure unique collections and her earnest desire to give Ireland's rising clothiers a far-reaching platform. Since Atelier 27's inception over four years ago, its residence on the top tier of Om Diva has championed a plethora of newly-emerged Irish designers, inspiring hope, creativity and - amidst a financial crisis blanketing the country - steadfast resilience. The announcement that Om Diva's sister boutique would channel the same enthusiasm for helping freshly-established designers to make waves in Ireland's fashion spheres, therefore, came as no real surprise to Ní Loinsigh's perennial followers.

The last four months have seen 2nd Space blossom into a sparkling design hub and eclectic boutique filled with vivacious characters, garnering notable acclaim from sartorial enthusiasts and reputable fashion publications in the process. The boutique's formation has kickstarted an exciting chapter in Dublin's creative industry - one that will shine a spotlight on the latest addition of progressive young designers gracing our shores. When I published the news of 2nd Space's impending website development in late January, I was delighted to announce my involvement in expanding the boutique's vibrant online presence. Created to accompany and enhance 2nd Space's burgeoning evolution as a noteworthy independent retailer, it was a pleasure to design the website and to fill its contents with insights on 2nd Space's creative ethos and innovative plans for 2016:

Alongside features on the talented alumni involved in 2nd Space‘s Young Designer Project, profiles of the boutique’s effervescent staff and debuting the Stories from The Central Dairy initiative, I also shot and developed 2ndspacedublin.com‘s e-commerce section. Initially honing in on the diverse contemporary collections found in 2nd Space‘s entrance room, the online retail boutique will soon encompass a selection of vintage pieces. In addition to all of this, it was an honour to pen the first post of 2nd Space‘s newly-launched blog as a leading contributor: centring around the shop’s sartorial offerings and in-store event coverage, the articles will also include trend analysis and fashion history linked to 2nd Space’s eye-catching stock. If you’re interested in discovering more, you can read the post in its entirety by clicking “here”.

In any fashion-orientated city, regardless of scale, it can be a challenging task to balance appreciation for heritage with a forward-thinking approach towards design. Through its point of residence in one of the capital’s most evocative listed buildings, however, 2nd Space manages to combine both elements seamlessly. The Central Dairy’s backstory boasts multiple twists and turns across several heads of management, making for a series of tales that are complex and captivating in equal measures. Showcasing the stories of people whose lives have been touched by The Central Dairy’s existence is integral to 2nd Space, in tandem with creating a 21st-century interior where innovative design concepts reign.

The next few months will spark even greater excitement in Dublin’s newest design hub, led by a series of talks and seminars in 2nd Space that will equip attendees with the skills required to forge a thriving career in fashion design. Stay tuned for subsequent updates via 2nd Space’s Facebook and Instagram pages – and while you’re at it, check out 2ndspacedublin.com for a sprinkle of colour & creativity!

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Amelia xx

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